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Wolvic browser for WebXR, remote streaming expansion, and more

AUTHOR: The ManageXR Team

Our latest update is packed with improvements: a better way to experience WebXR on Quest, broader support for remote screen streaming and more!

Launch WebXR links in Wolvic Browser (Quest)

WebXR enables users to access immersive content through internet browsers. By default, devices open WebXR links using their built-in web browser. With this update, we're giving you easy access to an excellent alternative browser: Wolvic.

On Meta Quest devices, you can now use Wolvic as the default browser for WebXR links. Wolvic is an awesome, open source web browser. Wolvic browser is easy to use, reliable, and built for XR.

Go to Configuration > WebXR Links to set Wolvic as your Default Browser for WebXR. Selecting Wolvic will automatically install the browser app on your devices. Then, your devices will use Wolvic to open all WebXR links

3 reasons to use Wolvic instead of the native Quest browser


1. With Quest Firmware v55, the native device web browser is unreliable; choose Wolvic for a stable WebXR experience

To prepare for new firmware releases, we routinely test existing functionality. When testing Meta Quest firmware v55, we experienced issues launching WebXR links with the native browser. Specifically, devices on firmware v55 may intermittently crash when opening WebXR links with the built-in Quest web browser.

Wolvic browser offers a stable and smooth alternative. Avoid unwanted interruptions and maximize high impact time in XR with a browser you can count on.


2. You can restrict users from browsing the web with Wolvic (No Search)

You can lock users into a single WebXR link and block them from surfing the web by selecting Wolvic (No Search) on your configuration. When users open any WebXR link from your custom VR Home Screen, it will launch in a safe, simple, and focused window.


3. Wolvic is built for XR

Wolvic makes using WebXR easier. Beyond providing better stability, Wolvic has a delightfully simple interface. For example, you can:

  • Quickly adjust browser size, brightness, and toggle passthrough

  • Use controller shortcuts to get Youtube VR links into 360 mode faster

  • Adjust language and translation settings

For a step-by-step walkthrough, read our help center doc on using Wolvic browser.

Remote streaming on all non-Quest devices

Device screen streaming allows you to see what's happening inside your devices from anywhere in the world. Streaming first became available on Pico devices. Now, you can remotely stream any non-Quest device on ManageXR (Pico, Vive, DPVR, Magic Leap, Vuzix, and more!)

Like many of you, we're eager to add support for remote streaming on Quest devices. Once Meta makes this functionality available to MDMs, you'll have it

Full support for DPVR devices

Use our full suite of tools to confidently manage your DPVR devices:

Deploy apps, videos, webxr
Control device settings
Use ManageXR Home Screen or Kiosk
Shortcut to access settings in Kiosk Mode
Remotely stream device screen
Remote device wipe
Remote launch VR content

and all other essentials

Other noteworthy improvements and fixes

  • Control firmware on Pico G3 and Pico 4

  • ManageXR CLI support for Bundled Files

  • Haptic feedback on the ManageXR Home Screen

  • Gaze control of the ManageXR Home Screen on Pico 4 devices

  • Fix boot-up sequence issue on Vive XR Elite

Let us know what you think about the latest updates, and what else you'd like to see. Thanks for reading! You'll be hearing from us again soon.

The ManageXR Team

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