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Speedy device list filtering, 360 video playback improvements, and more

AUTHOR: The ManageXR Team

We've kicked off 2024 with a running start here at ManageXR. Explore the latest improvements to the device list, 360 video playback experience, device setup process, and more!

Filter your device list fast

You're doing big things with VR and AR. So, we're improving the design of our platform to better support complex deployments with tons of devices, configurations, and tags. In this release, we revamped the device list sidebar to make filtering easier and faster. Learn more

Watch immersive videos without interruptions

Thanks to your feedback, we've improved our native 180/360 video player. The latest enhancements reduce distractions to provide a fully immersive video experience:

  • The pause/play toolbar only appear on button press when using controllers or pinch gesture when hand tracking

  • Controller rays and the gaze-control pointer are hidden while videos play

  • Pressing controller buttons does not automatically pause a video

Note! In gaze input mode, the video toolbar still appears when you look at its location. A fix is in the works, but you can contact or reply here if you want to turn off gaze control immediately.

View app sharing stats more easily

Sharing apps with clients through ManageXR? Now, you can keep track of your shared apps right from your dashboard. View all the orgs you're sharing apps with and how widely they've deployed your content. Sort by app or by organization to get the info you need quickly.

Other fixes and improvements

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The ManageXR Team

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