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Set Expiration Dates on Shared Apps
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Set expiration dates on shared apps

AUTHOR: The ManageXR Team
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We're excited to announce a powerful new tool rolling out today, designed to give developers like you unprecedented control over the apps you share on ManageXR.

Secure app sharing that matches your business needs

As a developer, you can now give your clients access to your apps on ManageXR for limited amounts of time. Set an expiration date on your shared apps to automatically retract access after an agreed upon time window. When a shared app expires, it will no longer be accessible on client devices.

Whether you're offering clients 30 day trial access or managing annual subscriptions to your content, expiration dates help you automate oversight, protect your IP at scale, and give you peace of mind.

Enforce expiration dates on your shared apps, automatically. Add time limits to your shared apps, specifying either a fixed expiration date (e.g., Jan 1st, 2024) or a duration (e.g., 30 days). You can apply these limits to share codes or to already shared apps, setting the terms on an organization-by-organization basis.

Control what happens when your app expires. You decide how devices behave when your shared apps expire, choose between two Expiration Behavior options:

Disable App: Keep the app on devices in a disabled state. This way, you can seamlessly extend the sharing duration if needed, without requiring a re-download.

Delete App: Set your shared app to automatically remove itself from all deployed devices and from your client's ManageXR console upon expiration.

No need to worry about device connectivity– apps expire whether or not devices are online!

Update the expiration date at any time. Need to give your client more time or renew a subscription? Editing time limits is a breeze – you can adjust both the expiration date and the expiration behavior of your shared apps at any moment to adapt to changing circumstances.

Read our doc on expiration dates for shared apps to learn more

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  • Boost to our servers + improved API/CLI reliability

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