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Remotely stream multiple devices at once

AUTHOR: The ManageXR Team

We're back again with an exciting update. We took a feature that was already powerful, and made it 10x more valuable. Check it out

Remotely stream many devices at once (Pico)

In December, we released a superpower: the ability to remotely stream a device screen directly to the ManageXR Web Console. Device screen streaming helps you troubleshoot with complete clarity and guide users through VR experiences.

With this update, we’re taking streaming to the next level. You can now remotely stream many devices at the same time. Take control of your classroom, training session, or event with multi-streaming:

Simultaneously watch streams from devices around the world

Remotely launch applications while streaming

Focus on certain devices with our sleek streaming UI

NOTE Device screen streaming is...

  • Available on Pico devices only

  • Privacy-first. The user in-headset must grant permission before each streaming session.

  • Still in beta. Let us know how you're using streaming and how we can make it even better.

New organization security controls

ManageXR provides enterprise-grade security so you can scale your XR operations confidently. From customizable user roles to activity logs, we already offer several ways for you to secure your organization. Today, we rolled out another layer of privacy control. ManageXR admins can now hide potentially sensitive device information from the Web Console. Turn off the 'Reporting Sensitive Information' setting to hide device locations, MAC addresses, and wifi network names.


Our team is growing

You are using devices powered by ManageXR all over the world. We’re expanding our team to continue offering best-in-class support to everyone, everywhere. As part of our continued team growth, we’re thrilled to welcome Carolina, our stellar technical support specialist based in Europe.

Psst! We're still on the lookout for great people. Check out our open roles! If you or someone you know seems like an excellent fit, let us know.


The ManageXR Team

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