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New content and partners available on Discover XR

AUTHOR: The ManageXR Team

Over the last month, we've added several new partners to Discover XR including:

New Instant Apps:

  1. Ovation VR

  2. PsyTech VR

  3. VXR Labs (by VictoryXR)

  4. Virtual Life Support

  5. VirtualSpeech

  6. Vision Multiplayer Crane Demo

  7. Vision Tutorial - First Time VR User Training

  8. Sisu VR Workplace Harassment and Violence Prevention

Instant Apps are a great way to try new content. Download and deploy Instant Apps to your devices in a couple clicks.

New Content Providers:

  1. ImmerseME

  2. Inspirit

  3. NVRT Labs

  4. VRdirect

Connect with leading content providers who can help you take your XR deployment to the next level.


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