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New developer superpower! Control your app distribution with device limits

AUTHOR: The ManageXR Team
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We're excited to announce an enhancement to release channels on ManageXR that gives developers more control over app distribution at scale: you can now set device limits on shared app deployments

Enforce device limits on shared apps

Release channels make it easy for developers to share apps with clients on ManageXR. With the latest update, we're amping up your control. Now, you can securely and confidently own your app distribution by enforcing limits on how clients can use your apps.

Last month, we introduced expiration dates on shared apps, allowing you to choose how long a client can access your app. With today's release, you gain the ability to set device limits on shared apps. Device limits cap the number of devices to which a client can deploy your app at any time.

Giving a client trial access to your application on 5 devices for 30 days? Easy! Set a device limit and an expiration date on your shared app, and let ManageXR handle compliance.

Top Benefits of App Sharing with ManageXR

  • Automate Contract Enforcement: Giving a client access to use your app on up to 10 devices? There's no need to manually monitor their deployment. Set a device limit in ManageXR, and let the system automatically ensure compliance

  • Set and Adjust Device Limits Easily: Increase, decrease, or remove device limits for your clients at any time

  • Combine Expiration Dates and Device Limits: Confidently control your IP by setting both expiration dates and device limits on your shared apps

  • Keep Clients in the Loop: When you update a device limit, your client admins will receive a notification email

Want to learn more? Read our doc on app sharing governance

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Thanks for another great year! We'll be back again with exciting developments to give you more power over your XR devices in 2024

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