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It's official. ManageXR supports VIVE XR Elite and Lenovo VRX devices

AUTHOR: The ManageXR Team
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Start managing Lenovo ThinkReality VRX and VIVE XR Elite devices today

All the core device management features + hands-on technical support.

We now provide comprehensive support for the Lenovo ThinkReality VRX and the VIVE XR Elite. Deploy VR content, lock devices into a custom Home Screen, control device behavior remotely, and more.

Though you can enroll almost any mobile Android device on ManageXR out of the box, we offer the best support for the devices on our official device support list. Beyond offering the most robust set of management tools for "officially" supported devices, we keep these devices on-hand so we can provide direct technical guidance and speedy issue resolution.

Don't see the device you're looking for on our list? Reply to this email to check in with us!

That's not all! Four more improvements coming right around the corner

1. Enter enterprise-grade wifi credentials in VR

You've always been able to deploy enterprise-grade wifi credentials through ManageXR configurations. But sometimes, you also need to connect to an enterprise network for the first time in VR. Very soon, the ManageXR Home Screen will allow you to enter enterprise network credentials. Enter wifi username/identity, password, and other advanced fields in VR.

Only applies to Quest & HTC Vive. Already available on Pico devices.

2. Gaze based selection in VR for Quest and HTC

Control the ManageXR Home Screen with your eyes! We already released this on some device models, but now we're expanding it. Gaze based navigation will be the default input method on the ManageXR Home Screen when (1) no controllers are connected, (2) the headset does not have a built-in select button, (3) hand tracking is not enabled.

3. Preload all your Bundled Files too!

The Device Setup Tool's Configuration Preloading accelerates device setup by downloading your configuration content to your computer, then loading it onto your devices over USB. With this update, you'll be able to preload your Bundled Files onto your devices too.

4. Bad wifi? Push configuration updates manually with the Device Setup Tool

The ManageXR Device Setup Tool is primarily used for setup! Now, it doubles as an offline updating tool. If you have poor or limited access to internet, you may prefer to push updates to your devices over USB. In these tricky situations, you'll soon be able to take advantage of the "Push Configuration Update" command from the Device Setup Tool to manually update your devices to their latest configuration.

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Let us know what you think about the latest improvements and what's coming down the pipeline! We value your feedback, big or small

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