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Analytics, CLI, Pico Preload, and Product Roadmap

AUTHOR: The ManageXR Team

Analytics Dashboard and Charts

It’s now easy to visualize usage data to better answer your most pressing questions about your fleet's activity. This new feature is still under active development so let us know what else you'd like to see in your usage analytics!

Learn more: Analytics Dashboard and Charts

ManageXR CLI

The ManageXR CLI is a useful tool to automate the process of uploading applications to ManageXR. You can use the CLI in your CI/CD pipeline to upload new app versions to your ManageXR organization and even publish the versions to named release channels.

Learn more: ManageXR CLI

ManageXR is Now Preloaded on Pico VR Headsets in the United States

That's right, a new Pico device out of the box now has ManageXR already installed and ready to go. Using the ManageXR preload skips an entire step of the device provisioning process - rather than plugging the device into your computer, simply enter your registration code into the ManageXR app, and it will immediately provision itself to match your configuration. The whole process takes less than a minute and opens up entirely new deployment workflows.

Learn More: Register a Device Using the ManageXR Pico Preload

ManageXR Product Roadmap

We're always full steam ahead at ManageXR, but it may not always be clear what long-term features we're working on, and we wanted to change that! Check out our new product roadmap.

Our roadmap is shaped by your feedback, so please reach out if you have suggestions on how we can improve.

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