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AUTHOR: The ManageXR Team

Today we released an update that transforms the "app version" on ManageXR. With this update, app versions are more flexible and powerful than ever before: now, an app version can contain your APK, OBB, AND other Bundled Files. Check out the details

An intuitive new way to deploy files with your apps

It can be helpful to deploy files alongside applications. For example, your app may use interchangeable MP4 video modules, Unity AssetBundles, or read data from a customizable JSON. Separating these supporting files from the APK itself means that you can easily swap the files without having to build a new version of your APK. But, until now, you've had to manage and deploy these files separately in your Configurations.

App versions on ManageXR now include your APK, OBB, and all of your Bundled Files. Bundled Files help you organize, distribute, and update supporting files efficiently.

4 key benefits of Bundled Files


1. Manage the files for your app in one place.

Before Bundled Files, you had to deploy additional files for apps separately on each of your Configurations. Each time you wanted to update the files associated with your app, you needed to make a change on every Configuration. Manual, disconnected updates to each config can be time consuming and error prone.

Now, you can stay efficient and organized by bundling additional files directly with your app versions. Make updates to your accompanying files in one place that propagate to all of your Configurations. Keep track of the files deployed with each of your app versions from a centralized location.


2. Update Bundled Files quickly and easily.

When you upload a new app version, you can copy the Bundled Files from a previous version in a couple clicks and drag/drop to add new files. Want to use the same app version, but change the files? You can duplicate an app version and modify the Bundled Files.


3. Share apps with Bundled Files to other organizations.

Create a Release Channel, select your app version with Bundled Files, and share it with other organizations on ManageXR. No need to manually upload all of the files to each organization!


4. Always keep your app version in sync with its files.

With Bundled Files, your app and its supporting files are a single unit. That way, you can be sure your app version is always deployed with the correct files.

Migrating from the status quo to Bundled Files is seamless

Already deploying additional files on configurations? Don't worry, you won't need to recreate your file trees to start using Bundled Files. You can copy file structures that already exist on any configuration into your app's bundled files in a couple clicks:

Read our technical documentation for more info on using Bundled Files

Other noteworthy improvements

  • Official support for more devices! Pico G3 Vuzix devices

  • Improvements to deploying and updating wifi networks

  • Improvements to Pico 4 Home Screen experience

Stay tuned for more updates


The ManageXR Team

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