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AUTHOR: The ManageXR Team

At ManageXR, we are building a simple, powerful management solution so that you can change the world with XR. That's why we've kicked off 2023 with a new feature and a host of UI improvements that make it even easier to use ManageXR.

Multi-use share codes

We believe great content should be shared! We want to make it effortless and fast to share content via ManageXR. As part of this ongoing effort, we've released a fresh enhancement to app sharing.

Release Channels enable you to upload an application once and share it with many organizations. You can share an app with external organizations by generating a Share Code. By default, each code can only be used once. Until now, you've had to generate a new code each time you want to share your application with an external org. Today we rolled out multi-use Share Codes: generate one code and share it with as many organizations as you'd like!

Learn more about app sharing

UI that keeps getting better

We're committed to delivering clean, easy-to-use features that work for you. Based on your feedback, we've included several UI improvements in the latest update. Among other upgrades, you can now:

View prorations more clearly when you add devices to your subscription. See the total due now, total already paid, and the amount scheduled to be billed at the start of the next period.

Jump directly from a configuration to the devices it applies to. Go to the device list filtered by the desired configuration with a single click.

See image requirements by hovering over image drop zones. No more guessing the correct size of logos and backgrounds!

Streamline file selection with the shift-select shortcut. You've always been able to do this, but we squashed a bug to improve the experience.

Click to copy application package names to your clipboard. Now you don't have to worry errors when manually typing the package name elsewhere!

Thank You

Let us know what else we can build to make the job of managing devices more efficient, enjoyable, and hassle free. Your feedback enables us to create the best MDM for you.


The ManageXR Team

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