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Audit Logs, Device Activity Logs, Updated Device Detail Page and more

AUTHOR: The ManageXR Team

User Audit Logs and Device Activity Logs

You can now track user and device activity inside of ManageXR! Track changes made by specific users and detailed device activity based on date and time. You can even filter the activity log to target user-only activity, device-only activity, or both.

To access this feature, head to the ManageXR Dashboard, and look for Activity Log below the location map.

Want to know when you last updated your configuration, who added that device you don't recognize, or when your device installed the latest app version? Check the Activity Log!

New Device Detail Page

Behold! The device detail page received a UI overhaul and several exciting additions. Under the Current Configuration tab you can monitor whether your device is in sync with its configuration, view detailed information about content download progress, preview its device experience settings, and jump straight to the configuration if you need to make changes.

Specific updates include:

  • UI revamp that shows more information about your device (including WiFi network stats and controller battery levels for Pico devices)

  • Detailed download progress of all VR content (including download speed and estimated time to completion)

  • Granular device sync statuses for every setting in your configuration

Want to learn more about these new features? Stay tuned for the companion technical documents.

Past Events

<b>Past Events</b>

We recently presented at the VRARA enterprise forum on the key challenges to solve when scaling to thousands of devices. Fortunately for you, with ManageXR, you're already way ahead of the curve!

On that note, if you'd ever like to come on stage and present with us at one of these virtual or in-person conferences, please reach out; we'd love to share your story with the VR community.

ManageXR Product Roadmap

Since the release of our Home Screen v2.0 update in June, we've added more features to our development roadmap. Check out the updated product roadmap here!

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