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App Version Labels, Factory Reset UI, Pause Config Updates, & Home Screen Bluetooth

AUTHOR: The ManageXR Team

Today we're thrilled to share a number of updates that give you more control over your XR content, devices, and experiences  

App Version Labels

Until now, you could not directly upload multiple applications with the same metadata (Package Name, Version Name, and Version Code) to ManageXR. With App Version Labels, we're changing that! By distinguishing versions with custom labels, you can upload, distribute, and manage similar applications with ease.

Streamlined Factory Reset

Factory resetting a device erases all apps, files, and settings. In special circumstances, you may want to perform a remote factory reset. For example, when a device is lost or stolen, you can factory reset the device to remove all proprietary content.

You've always been able to factory reset your devices by contacting support at ManageXR. Now, factory resetting a device is simpler than ever: you can initiate device wipes directly from the web console in a matter of seconds.

Pause Configuration Updates

With the new Pause Configuration Updates device command, you can control whether a device syncs with its latest configuration. When you pause updates on a device, any changes you make to its Configuration will not propagate to the device. However, a paused device will continue to report health indicators (online/offline, battery levels, etc.) and Analytics data.

Developers may find this feature especially useful when sideloading and testing preliminary versions of apps!

Arriving later this week! Bluetooth Settings on Home Screen

We love to learn about your XR deployments and how ManageXR can better support them. This highly requested feature will unlock more power for the ManageXR Home Screen. Later this week, you'll be able to give end-users direct access to bluetooth settings in-headset.

Coming Soon to ManageXR

Our team is hard at work building new features and capabilities. Check out the updated product roadmap to see what's in the pipeline!

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