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Announcing Pico 4 support, our powerful Unity SDK, and device setup improvements

AUTHOR: The ManageXR Team

Our year is already off to a running start and we've got some exciting news to share. Take a look at the latest advancements

Start managing Pico 4 devices today

We're thrilled to announce support for Pico 4 enterprise devices. You can now configure and manage this cutting edge generation of enterprise devices on ManageXR. Note, support for Pico 4 consumer devices is in beta and is subject to known limitations. Want guidance on rolling out a fleet of Pico 4s in your organization? Chat with our deployment experts.

Developers, you can now take advantage of the ManageXR Unity SDK in your custom built applications

We're excited to share that the ManageXR Unity SDK is available in beta. Our Unity SDK unlocks a range of possibilities for advanced developers by bridging the gap between your applications and device systems. Check out these three examples of how developers can leverage the Unity SDK:

Improve your application's UX with deeper device information, provided by ManageXR. The Unity SDK gives you direct access to tons of valuable device info. You can work this ManageXR data into your apk to smooth out potential rough edges in your user experience. With this elevated access, you can show an in-app progress indicator when you know an application update is underway, or give users convenient control over wifi settings from within your app.

Integrate info from ManageXR with your own app analytics for more robust data. You may already analyze important user events like training module progress or completions with built-in event tracking. You can build richer analytics by incorporating device info with the SDK. For example, instead of visualizing the number of training completions alone, track completions by device tag or serial number.

Use the Unity SDK to develop a custom launcher of your own. The SDK gives you the keys to the same information we use to create the ManageXR Home Screen. Hungry for complete control over the in-headset experience? Design an immersive home base your way and kiosk your fleet into it.

To get started with the ManageXR Unity SDK, visit the repository on GitHub and take a look at the sample projects.

Device setup, simplified

Setting up devices can be time consuming. We're always looking for ways to streamline the setup process and get your users into XR faster. Today, we released two noteworthy improvements to the ManageXR Device Setup Tool:

1. Preload wifi configurations. You can already preload configuration content and settings onto devices using the Device Setup Tool. Preloading configurations accelerates provisioning by downloading content onto devices over the wire. This is especially useful when setting up many devices at once with limited internet bandwidth. Now, you can preload wifi credentials from the start too. Learn more about preloading content and settings onto devices.

2. Automatic Oculus account removal. If you've set up Oculus devices with ManageXR in the past, you've probably had to go through the tedious process of manually removing the Oculus account from each device. To eliminate this hurdle, we're automating Oculus account removal with the Device Setup Tool.

Thank you

Excited to use the Unity SDK? Let us know how it goes for you and how we can enhance the developer experience.

Onward and upward!  

The ManageXR Team

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